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Hedge Trimming

Trimming your hedges can be a huge pain. It seems as if you JUST trimmed them and now you are back at it again. Will the madness ever stop? Well, only if you call Tree Service Coquitlam, Inc. Our veteran technicians will come out and trim the hedges for a small fee, so you don’t have to.

Owning a home or business can be a lot of work as it is. Throwing in trimming the hedges along the front of your building or house can really be time-consuming. Who has the extra time in their day to shape and trim their hedges? Not many. 

We have the correct equipment and tools to trim your hedges. Everything from electric trimmers to pruning scissors are always on our truck. Most times we use both pieces of equipment in order to make smooth edges in our trimming. The normal person doesn’t have the correct tools to perform the job correctly. We are always ready for whatever job you need us to perform.

Did you just plant your hedges? Until a certain point, your new plants must be trimmed back in order to aid in their growth. This must occur for the first couple of years after the initial planting. This task can be daunting. Let our team in Coquitlam schedule a service to come out periodically and trim them. It will be worth the cost in the long run. 

Get in touch with us to get your hedge trimming project underway. We can set you up with a schedule that best fits your project and budget. Let us take one of the to-do’s off your list.